YCW School

YCW Schools

Due to the absence of long-term national intermittent programs to engage the minds of young people and provide them skills to serve as catalysts for peacebuilding and crime prevention and reduction at both community and state levels; crimes and violence continue to perpetuate itself thereby straining national development agendas.

YCW Schools – projects works directly with schools as immediate partners, establishes peer led students Core Groups to crime awareness, education and reporting. These Youth-Led Crime Prevention and Reporting structures utilizes Early Warning Systems in Liberia by empowering students with skills to enhance their participation in combating school/community crimes and violence related cases through anonymous reporting of occurring crimes using SMS text messaging, Ushahidi Instant technology etc.

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia seeks to enhance school/community-security relationship through the stablemen of school based programs in congested/vulnerable and crime threatened communities across the country.

Our goal is to promote crime prevention and peacebuilding through mediation/mentoring and crime reporting using YCWL model programs for schools and communities.