Youth in ICT

Our intervention stems back from the fact that computer knowledge is a major tool for a sustainable society. Therefore YCWL, understanding the acute gap in information and communication technology; and related skills that are required for individuals to get access and maintain jobs, especially so for our females who are mostly perceived as the slowest, lazy sets on the job market, is providing the opportunity for to eradicate such deficiency.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for high school students and university girls to experience the use of computers for the first time and to improve on their skills in a more practical and fun environment.

Acknowledging the fact computer literacy is not the sole required ability for the challenging job market, our program is inclusive of Leadership Skills Development, Office Procedures, Resume & CV development; Youth Entrepreneurship among others at our refurbished Lab.

Youth in ICT graduates are incorporated in one of our programs of their choice as volunteer or ambassadors of YCWL projects in their community or Institution; this helps to provide hands-on learning environment.