Street Library

An innovative solution to fight illiteracy

Street Library program aims to fight illiteracy and foster better education in Liberia by encouraging children to read and discover the joy of reading.The Street Library works with communities to improve literacy rates in Liberia by facilitating access to information, books and technological devices while spreading the joy of reading across disadvantaged rural communities who would otherwise have little or no access to these resources. The library is set outdoors, inviting children and the youth to meet under a tent, open covered areas, or other structures to read individually or to listen to a reading. A collection of books covering different topics and book recommendations for all age groups is available on display. A manned stand is established to promote the library and provide information concerning learning and reading courses, as well as schooling possibilities. Additionally, the Street Library proposes creative writing competitions and similar activities.


In our quest to respond to literacy needs, we adopt three library concepts to reach directly to vulnerable children in rural communities with relevant resources. We achieve this through our Mobile Van, Book Kiosk and the Book Chest initiatives.STREET LIBRARY SUPPORT Currently our Street Library program does not have support, we will need your support in providing stipends for volunteer teachers and donation books, educational toy games, and digital resources from supporters like you. If you would like to help us in our efforts, please donate here.