Youth Media Project

Telling Our Stories

“No one is more qualified to help Liberia than Liberians themselves”

Is a collaborative media education project for disenfranchised youth that promotes self-expression as a way to explore our shared humanity and build a foundation for the future. YCWL’s Media Program is inspired by the enthusiasm of young Liberians to promote democracy and freedom of expression across our communities. This program trains young Liberians in radio/video/webcast production with the aim of creating short youth-produced news stories for broadcast/webcast. The curriculum balances intensive film/radio production and computer skills training with classes on storytelling. Ongoing mentorship along with technical assistance and the promotion of finished work across multiple channels of distribution enables young adults to share their individual stories with the world and also initiate dialogue among youth on national problems and solutions. The primary objective is to amplify youth voices and promote leadership and citizenship skills.

YCWL aims to build on this spirit of self-reliance as community members, specifically young men and women affected by more than a decade of war, are given the opportunity to create their own stories in their own words. Project participants are encouraged to look within to find their voice and to rely on Liberian traditions of storytelling and self-expression.

Why Support “Telling Our Stories”?

Supporting the creation of institutionalized national youth platforms and encouraging the development of youth leadership; governments can take a proactive step towards getting young people involved. With this program, youth can discuss and advocate their views, making it easier for the government and other stakeholders to consult with a large and representative number of young people.