About Us

Who We Are

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia is an accredited youth organization established in 2004 to help address the need for grassroots participation in nation building, following the civil conflict, which nearly decimated the population.

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia is dedicated to fighting illiteracy and promoting reconciliation, reconstruction, peace, development and better and healthier lifestyles in Liberia through crime prevention, youth empowerment and youth employment.


To mobilize and equip a youth-led movement in schools and communities in partnership with public and private institutions to create a safer environment free of crime, violence, illicit drugs, gender-based violence, and to foster youth empowerment and good citizenship throughout Liberia.


To expand a youth-led movement to all areas locally, and nationally involving all facets of community in support of the altruistic motives of youth and to inspire“watch out”, “help out” commitment resulting in a dramatic reduction in crime, violence, and drugs abuse.

Value Statement

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia holds that all youth are valued individually and collectively, and subscribes to the values of good citizenship, moral integrity, pride in ourselves and our community, self-reliance, accountability, personal responsibility, and care and respect for others. Youth Crime Watch members assume proactive leadership roles involving positive peer influence and a “watch out, help out” philosophy.


The YCWL strategy sets out our collective intent for 2016 to 2020. It embraces established ways of working with a continuation of the objectives set up to today, defines new priorities and applies new approaches. represents a remarkable evolution at a time of significant global change.


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