Sport for Change

Sports for Change

Sport in the world today is not only for entertainment or business venture; it is today a great unifying element. Such a unifier that fans from all aspects of a nation or a world can gather in one location to celebrate.

Our innovation is in the use of sports and other recreational activities to provide social change and holistic human development with assured participation of all through the sports for all and by all ideas.

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia creates or assists training programs, leagues, tournaments, camps, and other youth-related projects. Our sports program places emphasis on youth and children, who are at a high risk of danger from drugs, violence and crime. Our philosophy is that kids can succeed in life no matter where they are raised, as long as they have positive outlets to oppose negative ones.

Idea behind Our Sport Program

Using sport for change is an effective tool because most of our youthful generation more likely to follow sporting activities and/or events during their leisure time. Due to the lack of alternative entertainment or non-formal education facilities across our communities, most young persons, after school are either found at a nearby video club watching a football match or at a community forum analyzing sports matches.

Based on the above, using a sport activity as an attraction to a particular program proves always highly successful; because sports is not an attractive unifying event, it also ensure some discipline in young people. YCWL uses sports tournaments, especially soccer games to bring young people together were information on specific issues are disseminated.

Besides the use of Sports as magnet to attract young people to information sharing events; youth who participate in YCWL sports clubs also learn to be discipline and respectful in a team. For instance, as part of the team, members must adhere to values that govern them; relationship to peers, the coach, the referee and even the fans is a worthy exercise to take youth through. After all, they will be dealing with people from different walks of life and if they can handle it, they would handle most scenarios in their lives.

These practices are all seen in real life. Learning by practicing real life activities through sports that most youth love is a worthy challenge. At the end of the day, we expect that they will implement what they learn.

We are open to hear your interest and support. We accept donation of sporting materials. Get Involved.