Girls in ICT

We are empowering women by removing limitations around the access and use of Information Communication Technology (ICT); allowing them to discover their full potential


As the world develops in this digital age we envision a society in which women would also serve as drivers in moving Liberia forward. We envision a society where women are no longer marginalized, but have every means necessary to accomplish their goals with the help of technology.

Empowerment through ICT education provides limitless possibilities to women that they would otherwise be denied. The ICT education the girls receive makes them responsible create an opportunity for them to be a valuable part of society.  Girls in ICT bridge the gender disparity gap in the technology field, and decrease marginalization.

Girls in ITC bridge the gap of female representation in the technology field.


Girls in ICT seek to utilize ICT education as a means to empower women by providing the necessary tools and skills to:

  • Improve Job Mobility
  • Improve access to Higher Education
  • Improve livelihood
  • Improve social status

Program overview

Young women can sign-up for one or all of the classes being offered. They can also sign up for general computer use time, and request additional help.

These classes are intended to improve their lives by providing skills needed to advance their position. The program focuses on Microsoft Office, Resume Writing, Social Media, Research, Typing, and Online Education