Anna L. Cammue

Receiving the startup kit after the training has helped change my story for good
Anna L. Cammue is a 17-year-old beneficiary from Sanoyea District, Lower Bong County. She’s an 11th-grade student at the Sanoyea Public High School (Kerkulah Giddings High School). She lives with her both parents, along with her three other sisters and her little niece.

Prior to the coming of the UNICEF/ YCWL “Let Us Learn Project” to Sanoyea District, Anna said “Life was very difficult and challenging. I and my other sisters would come from school and join our mother in the bush to do farm work. At times, we would go on the farm of others to do daily hire jobs to earn some cash ($250- $300 LRD) each to sustain ourselves. This was a normal routine, especially during the dry season”.

I am very much grateful first to UNICEF and the family of YCWL for the high level of support towards the youths of Sanoyea District. In 2021, I was enlisted as one of the TVET beneficiaries under the “Let Us Learn” project to do Tailoring. Our training lasted for about six (6) months, during which we were taught many things in tailoring. Before this time, I only knew how to sew with needle and thread.

Anna also stated that the timely project helped Sanoyea youths who benefited from TVET training. “Without the project coming to Sanoyea, this knowledge would not have been gained”, Anna said. She stated that the start-up package, which included the complete sewing machine and its complement, as well as other materials such as the lapper and poplin that were given to her, will be remembered for the rest of her life. She sewed the one lapper into an adult dress, which she sold for $750 LRD at the market on their market day. The sale proceeds were shown to her parents who recognized her efforts and agreed to supplement her business funds.

“I was able to increase the number of clothes I sew with the help of the Program Team, and I also received other customers on a daily basis with smaller works to be done on their clothes.” I started saving $500 LRD from every weekly sale to help my mother with other important things around the house and I even invested in a small table business. The rest of the money was put back into the business by purchasing more materials (lappers, poplins, zippers, etc.) for use. Anna stated that her goal is to increase her weekly savings from $500 LRD to at least $1000 LRD because she wants to buy and sell lappers, zippers, and anything else related to sewing.

“I want to extend my profound appreciation to the Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, UNICEF, and their donors for funding such a life-changing and impactful program. This program has given hope and courage to vulnerable and underprivileged adolescents for a brighter and prosperous future”.