Partner with us

By joining forces, we can establish enduring strategies for preventing crime, including initiatives focused on youth. This way, we give communities a sustained path to safety and security.

The majority of Africa’s 2 billion population consists of young people, indicating that the continent is in a favourable position if we choose to tap into the abundant potential within this youthful population. However, it highlights the importance of building the skills of this large youth demographic to make them employable. This approach aims to redirect their focus away from the streets and reduce involvement in violence and illicit drug use, which have been issues affecting the continent in recent years.

This is work we are doing here at Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, that is redefining youth’s narratives in Liberia and giving them the opportunities to become driver for change and nation builders.

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with various national and international partners who share our goals and strategies as an institution. These partnerships have been the driving force behind our mission to “Create a crime-free society for all.”
To find out more and how you can become our partner, please shoot us an email: [email protected]

Thanks for believing in us and the work that we do here at Youth Crime Watch of Liberia.