What we do

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia (YCWL) is a national, non-governmental and nonprofit organization that exists to empower, improve, and transform the lives and livelihood of young people in our country.
Since our inception, our focus has been to re-educate our young population with the spirit of entrpreneurship and national growth. Over the years, with the progress of our peace and the stability of our country, we have expanded our original mission to add more focus on child development across all our programs and all counties in which we operate. Children are central to our mission at youth  crime watch of Liberia,guiding all our child-friendly initiatives,including our eight Street Library Centers,as we actively embrance their role as the future.
Yei Neagor

I am Yei Neagor, and I am 24 years old. I live with my mother, two brothers, my nieces and nephews and my 3 year-old son in Paynesville, Liberia.

I started selling water and soft drinks when I started at university, which was in 2011. But today I sell drinks of all kinds. I went to the Be The Change Academy (BTCA), and they taught me how build up my business. I learnt how to keep records, provide customer service and maintain checks and balances in business. All these skills are important in business – especially customer service skills. If you do not treat your customers right, then that customer will never come back to you. 

Our Strategy

The YCWL strategy sets out our collective intent for 2024 to 2028. It embraces established ways of working with a continuation of the objectives set up to today, defines new priorities and applies new approaches. represents a remarkable evolution at a time of significant global change.
Princess Johnson​

Unlike many children who are fortunate to start school early, Princess Johnson, 9, began her primary education at age 7. But because of her willingness to learn and availability of sufficient learning materials and passionate volunteers to enhance her learning progress, Princess Johnson has showcased exceptional academic performance at her school and the Street Library. This academic year, she was double promoted to Kindergarten II and is expected to graduate to the first grade at the St. Peter Lutheran School in Paynesville

Our Programs

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia is a not-for-profit organization that is dynamic, community-focused, and dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals in our country. Since our establishment, we have been actively engaged in a wide range of activities designed to foster personal and community development. Our core mission is to create positive change, empower individuals, and contribute to the betterment of society. With those in mind, we have organized our activities into several thematic areas, each with sore programs that serve specific communities in all counties where we operate.

Education & Literacy

In our quest to support the national government, its education reform & the many efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 which prioritizes education, ensures inclusive & equitable quality education, and promotes lifelong 

Child Protection & Safe Guarding

Liberia as a country faced significant challenges in terms of child protection. Some specific issues Liberia as a country is faced with include Child labor, Child trafficking, Sexual exploitation, teenage pregnancy, and abuse,

Crime Prevention & Peace Building

Our crime prevention program is dedicated to establishing Youth Crime Watch sites across Liberia. Unlike other programs, where well-intentioned adults attempt to solve youths’ problems, Youth Crime Watch gives youngsters 

Environment & Climate Protection

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia fosters sustainable consolidated actions to join the fight against climate
change and build awareness around climate change as the world urbanizes or industrializes. Deforestation

Governance, Accountability, and Leadership

As good governance and leadership are hallmarks of sustained peace and development, Youth Crime
Watch of Liberia takes particularly the practices and ethics that support and promote good governance and leadership.


Agriculture in Liberia faces significant challenges that hinder its potential to contribute to economic growth and improve the livelihoods of rural communities.Liberia is a predominantly rural country, and agriculture is a significant 

Gender &  Women Empowerment

With the prevalence of gender discrimination, and social norms and practices, males and females become affected differently.Females then specifically become exposed to the possibility of child marriage, teenage pregnancy, child domestic 

Economic Development & Livelihood

Liberia faces various challenges associated with livelihood and entrepreneurship, including high levels of poverty, limited access to finance, inadequate infrastructure, lack of skills and education,and insufficient institutional support.