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Street Library success stories

Prior to Princess Folley, 10, attending the Street Library her reading proficiency was poor. She arrived with an eager attitude to learn more than the few words she was able to read and the short words she was able to pronounce. After three months of attending the Street Library her reading level has gone from a one to a three! Princess now takes great pride in pronouncing six and eight letter words. 

Unlike many children who are fortunate to start school early, Princess Johnson, 9, began her primary education at age 7. But because of her willingness to learn and availability of sufficient learning materials and passionate volunteers to enhance her learning progress, Princess Johnson has showcased exceptional academic performance at her school and the Street Library. This academic year

When Prince Massaquoi, 8, first arrived at the library he was not efficient in pronouncing variety of words and had difficulty in reading entire sentences. His vocabulary was on the lower side as he was not able to answer many of the comprehension questions that accompany the books. After three months at the Street Library Prince’s reading and comprehension levels has improved and he now enjoys reading  

Success Stories from our centers

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Success Story of Jeter Peter a TVET Beneficiary

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Olivia Sackie

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