Success Story of Jeter Peter a TVET Beneficiary

Jeter Peter is December 25, 2011, born; he was born to the union of Mr. Welemomgar Peter and Mrs. Oretha Peter in Grand Bassa County Liberia. Jeter grew up with his parents up to ten years old and his parents were unable to send him to school due to financial constraints. Jeter was later brought to Dolo’s Town to stay with his sister to see if he would have the opportunity to go to school. However, it was an unfortunate situation for him again where he was not opportune to go to school.

One day, Jeter’s sister was on her way to the market to sell cold water fish when she passes the adolescent’s safe space and saw that the Social Worker Roberta Siawor and the Guidance Counsellor Princetta D.G David in the process of recruitment for the TVET beneficiaries. Mercy Kanneh, Jeter’s sister decided to stop and make use of the opportunity that her brother could join and be a part of the program instead of Jeter doing nothing and passing from one place to another.

Jeter later came to the Adolescent’s Safe Space at Dolo’s Town where the vetting process was ongoing by community leaders and some staff of the Let Us Learn Program and he was successful in meeting some criteria of being a part of the program.

As the training started, Jeter was overlooked even though he was slow in picking up, the facilitator has always encouraged him and people didn’t expect much of him, but it was the opposite, Jeter had put in more time and gradually Jeter improved in his activities.

“The last time I spoke to Jeter in terms of project impact I realize that Jeter wants this tailoring to be a part of his life, it has brought so many changes to him, and it has made him feel that he’s able to do something now. He even gifted me a shirt.” said the center supervisor of Dolo’s Town, Sizi W. Ford.

Jeter has encouraged his friends and others to make use of this opportunity because even he did not know the importance of it until today that he will very soon be called a Tailor.

He also said that he wants to extend his voice to so many voices to extend gratitude to UNICEF and its sponsors for the opportunity given them to learn and asked them not to give up on their support as many others are wishing to be part of the program.