With a drive to target the very causes of crime, our vision began a journey that is still changing the face of Liberia today. Youth Crime Watch of Liberia was officially launched on Friday 28th of January 2005 on the main campus of the University of Liberia with youth from all facets of the Liberian society attending. By the end of 2005, Youth Crime of Watch Liberia aided in assuring the presidential elections were peaceful and also established several Youth Crime Watch Schools, led several youth leadership trainings, and won two International Extra Mile Awards. YCWL has supported several communities led movements such as a disarmament campaign (partnered with UNDP) in 2005 and providing requested crime reduction/reporting trainings to youth in schools by establishing Youth Crime Watch Clubs in schools. In
2006, we began expanding our programs into universities and partnered with UNMIL Public Information Outreach to launch anti-rape awareness campaign in 8 counties and spreading knowledge on how and why to report rape and other crimes. We created a Gender Desk to ensure that all of our programs have a gender-sensitive lens, and that we combat the disparity women face. In the spirit of true equality and bridging the gap young men are very much encouraged to take part. Our eorts began with violence and rape prevention and have expanded to women’s computer classes, business training, micro lending, and mentorship with our Be The Change (BTC) Academy in 2018. Today, YCWL has several programs engaging the community through development actions like community clean ups, drug and violence reduction campaigns, and training support for youth-led community development actions, Sexual Reproductive Health, and Life Skill Training